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At De Pointe Research, we take due diligence seriously to ensure that the businesses we recommend are safe and viable for investors. Here’s a comprehensive look at our rigorous research methodology, code of conduct, and secure investing guide.


Companies House: 

We start by verifying the company’s registration with Companies House. This helps us confirm the legal existence of the business and its compliance with regulatory requirements.

    • Age and Longevity of a Company:
      • More than five years old? We prioritise companies that have been in operation for more than five years, as longevity can indicate stability and reliability.
    • Director Information:
      • Who are they? We investigate the directors’ backgrounds, including their ages and their tenure with the company.
      • Other Directorships: We also check if they have held or currently hold positions in other companies and assess the health of those businesses.
    • Company Accounts
      • Timely Filing: We ensure that the company files its accounts promptly every year.
      • Balance Sheets: We analyse the balance sheets to ensure they look healthy and sustainable.
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Online Presence:

The internet offers those seeking due diligence a wealth of information that allows them to verify a business’s legitimacy. We highly encourage subscribers to use it.

    • Business Affiliations: They say you can learn a lot about a person from the company they keep, and the same can be said of businesses. We like to investigate the affiliations and associations of any business we explore.
      • Established Companies: We check if the business has affiliations with established and reputable companies.
      • Regulation: We verify if they are chartered or regulated by any recognised bodies.
    • Awards: Sometimes, you find that others have done the hard work of due diligence for you. We look for any industry awards the company has received, as these can be indicators of excellence and
    • Press Coverage: We analyse the frequency, positivity, and organic nature of press coverage the business receives.
    • Reviews: You can learn from the mistakes or positive experiences of others. Peer reviews are an invaluable method of due diligence that would-be investors can undertake.
      • Review Quantity and Quality: We look at the number of reviews, their quality, and their recency.
      • Verification: We ensure that reviews are from verifiable sources like Feefo or Trustpilot.
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Physical Presence:

Discovering a physical presence is an essential part of the due diligence process at De Pointe Research. A physical presence makes a business more tangible, giving investors peace of mind.

    • Office or Premises: We confirm if the business has a physical office or site that can be visited.
    • Events: We also check whether the business hosts or attends events, fairs, and expos, which encourages client visits.


Business Model:

A company’s conduct is a fantastic insight when it comes to due diligence. If a company handles one matter in a questionable manner, it’s highly likely to be representative of the way in which the business conducts itself.

    • Marketing and Communication:
      • Advertising: We scrutinise the company’s advertising for misleading messages or promises of aggressive, unfeasible returns.
      • One-off Returns: We evaluate if the business relies heavily on one-off, unrepeatable returns.
    • Exit Strategy: We assess if the business has a reliable, coherent, and transparent exit strategy, ensuring a clear pathway to realising returns.

By adhering to this comprehensive due diligence protocol, De Pointe Research ensures that our subscribers are protected and well-informed.

Our thorough approach not only reveals the true potential of businesses but also offers a means for investors to safeguard themselves. Trust in De Pointe Research means trusting in a meticulous and reliable evaluation process.

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