Why Gold?

Gold is the oldest global form of currency that is still used today.  The world’s wealthiest entities use gold to store their wealth, knowing the $12.9 trillion market cap. keeps it as liquid as cash in the bank.  By owning gold, you buy into a global tradition that predates even the oldest currencies. Gold owners achieve a secure alternative to cash they can trust will appreciate; in contrast, any cash they hold actually devalues due to inflation.
De Pointe Opportunities
To buy gold is to purchase security against the uncertainties of tomorrow. Many favour gold due to the potential tax benefits available when investing in gold, with most gold products being VAT-exempt and profits from certain products even being exempt from Capital Gains Tax. If you benefit from these features, enquire below to hear from our Gold Specialist Partners and discover how else gold can help secure your wealth.
De Pointe Opportunities

Consistent Returns

Gold is one of history’s most enduring commodities, and has delivered market leading security, as well as  a potent instrument for capital gains.
De Pointe Opportunities

Tax Advantages

Some gold is classified as exempt from capital gains tax by HMRC, and all gold is the only metal exempt from VAT.
De Pointe Opportunities

Effective Diversification

The price of gold has tended to increase during financial crises since the 1970s, making it a valuable addition to any portfolio during market downturns.
From tax exemption to secure returns. Download your free guide to discover how gold can help you.

As you can see, the price of gold has nearly doubled since 2013, meaning those who invested just ten years ago have already seen returns of around 100%.

It’s important to remember that gold is a finite resource, so it’s safe to assume that this is the beginning of even greater heights for gold.

1 in 4 investors plan to add Gold to their portfolio

– The Royal Mint, 2022

De Pointe Opportunities

Discover why in our latest brochure: The Gold Standard

De Pointe Opportunities

Secure against tomorrow.

Secure your portfolio with gold!

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