Capital Gains Tax Relief for Landlords: A Game-Changer from the Tories?

Discover how the Tories’ proposed two-year Capital Gains Tax exemption for landlords could reshape the property market, providing relief to landlords and opportunities for tenants. Explore tax-efficient investment alternatives like UK gold currency, exempt from CGT and VAT.

Election, Election, Election: Macron Becomes the Latest Leader to Announce Election

Emmanuel Macron announces a French election, joining the UK and USA in an election year. Discover how these political shifts could impact stocks, currency exchange, property, and other markets, and explore safe investment strategies amidst the uncertainty.

Buyer Sentiment: Lloyds Banking Group’s Recent Surge and Thematic Investing

Discover how buyer sentiment influences stock prices through Lloyds Banking Group’s recent surge. Explore thematic investing strategies to navigate market fluctuations. Read more on De Pointe Research.

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