Why Art?

For investors, wealth managers and family offices, art’s potential for astronomical returns, efficacy as an inflation hedge and position as an invaluable tool for diversification make art a formidable rival to property, cars, watches, and potentially even the stock market.

While often regarded as the folly of the world’s wealthiest, art can substantially reward collectors of any calibre, especially those who work with the right gallery.

De Pointe Opportunities

We promote galleries that specialise in emerging artists, where investors typically see the most meteoric growth.

Not only is art a fantastic store of wealth, but investing in art offers collectors the opportunity for personal enrichment; owning museum-grade artworks opens up a world of events and networks where investors can meet other like-minded collectors and discover new passions. To discover more, download our free guide.


Art has historically remained a strong asset during economic turbulence, which positions art as the perfect asset to provide stability to your portfolio.


Art, particularly that of emerging artists, provides the potential for explosive growth. Such exponential returns allow collectors to hedge against inflation.


The art market is uncorrelated to traditional markets, making it the perfect opportunity to diversify your portfolio and protect against volatility.

Secondary Market

When validated artists enter auction markets there is a clear upwards trajectory in the value of their work. The galleries we work with specialise in artists who have yet to enter the auction markets, where investors can typically see the most explosive growth in the value of their investments.

Peter Doig first entered auction in 1997 and sold for £2,400. 9 years later his work sold for £1,000,000.

De Pointe Opportunities
De Pointe Opportunities

Discover more about the tactics that can allow you to succeed in art investment – download your free art guide now

How do we choose who to promote?

We choose which galleries to promote based on strict protocols which allow us to ensure investors have access to the best opportunities.

Original, Tangible Artworks

We work with galleries supplying clients with unique, physical, museum-quality artworks, ensuring you can access the most investable works.

No Mark Ups

The galleries we promote do not mark up the prices of their products, which means that the artists set the cost of their art.

Strong Track Record

We only promote galleries that can verify an established track record in the art world and boast a history of satisfied and successful clients.

De Pointe Opportunities

Who Are De Pointe Opportunities?

De Pointe Opportunities is a London brand like no other. We are an independent marketing company that does its research and due diligence on the alternative investment sector, saving astute investors time and money.  

We only promote businesses with robust and verified track records of making their clients money, so you know that any business we represent is a business you can trust. Doing this makes discovering safe, trustworthy companies operating in the alternative investment market easier, saving investors significant amounts of time and money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks? Can my art collection decrease in value, and if so, how much?

As with any investment, artworks can rise and fall in value. Despite this, many financial experts have agreed that independent forces outside traditional markets drive art values. In fact, art has proven to perform particularly well during times of financial uncertainty and volatility. Many consider art a more stable store of wealth comparable to other hard assets such as gold, vintage wine and whisky. It is also important to understand that artworks are not liquid assets, meaning it may take longer than expected to sell your artwork(s). In addition, by working with artists collected by major museums globally, the galleries we promote can mitigate risk by offering investors original museum-quality artwork.

Museums are the ultimate art world validation, and there is an acute shortage of museum-quality artworks. Validated museum-quality art is a tangible asset class of deep intrinsic artistic value and low volatility that operates outside the financial markets (J.P. Morgan).

So, why art?
There have been numerous comprehensive studies on alternative asset classes such as art, and art has proven to be the world’s number one for performance and market volume. Art is not only a tangible investment and an inflation hedge, but by being non-correlating, it can balance your portfolio, reducing the risk of exposure to market volatility. Furthermore, this non-correlation contributes to the potential for superior returns over a period of time.
Why invest with our clients?

De Pointe Opportunities promotes specialist galleries with strong track records, exemplified by the returns that they have achieved for their clients. All the galleries we are partnered with hold impeccable catalogues of museum-standard artworks, ensuring that any addition to your portfolio will consist of original, investment-grade pieces that have a better standing in the art market.

Our bespoke service ensures customer satisfaction at every stage of your investing journey. It will help to secure the best outcome for your investment by pairing you with the best advisors in the industry who will give you the best opportunities to see impressive returns in the art market.

To be clear, you will buy quality and kudos at the right price to deliver the safest and most desirable returns possible.

What do the financial experts say?
The Economist found that the Artprice index had shot up 211% in nominal terms between 2003 and 2013. This appreciation took place after the tech wreck of the 2000s and during the financial crisis of 2008, the worst since the Great Depression, making it one of the most effective hedges during uncertain times.
Research by J. P. Morgan found that art prices have been less volatile and have fluctuated independently from traditional investments such as equities, bonds, commodities and property funds for over 25 years. “Research has shown that fine art can function as a risk-reducing element in a portfolio because of its low correlation to equities or bonds, while also being a real asset, which provides a hedge against inflation” – Jean-Christophe Gerard, Head of Barclays Private Bank EMEA. 
88% of wealth managers advise apportioning a part of investment portfolios towards art – Deloitte Art and Finance Report 
“For many investors, the market has grown too big to ignore” – Bloomberg.
A survey by AXA revealed that private investors consider art a more important investment than government bonds or equities.
So, what drives the market and will it continue?

There is an obvious correlation between the wealth in the world and the amount of demand for art. Today’s high net worth individual (HNWI) combined wealth is over $61.3 trillion (Wealth-X). 

“The global ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI) population is forecast to rise by 22% over the next five years” – The Wealth Report 2019, Knight Frank. 

So, as the evidence suggests, as long as global wealth creation continues, the demand for art will continue, and the art market will continue to proliferate. The most recent Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report estimates that global art market sales reached $64.1 billion last year.

In 2014,   $2 trillion worth of artwork was estimated to be held privately (Anna Dempster, Economist and Senior Lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art).

The Economist estimates that $3.6 trillion will be spent on art by 2025.

Do I need to be an expert to succeed in the art market?

Absolutely not.

While the art investment market requires extensive know-how, We will connect you with specialist art consultants with substantial knowledge and experience in the art market, meaning they can advise you and give you an edge that other investors do not possess. The galleries we promote also provide rare opportunities to collect museum-grade artworks from artists validated and verified by award-winning experts.

Substance + Proven Track Record = Serious Potential

Discover how investors are securing their portfolios with art investments.

Download the guide to uncover the art of investment.



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