Why are businesses investing in art?

businesses are investing in art


Business Benefits

Investing in art can provide a number of benefits to your company’s health:


Enhance your brand image

Investing in art and displaying it at your place of business can have a profound effect on prospective clients and other visitors, having art on display is a great way to improve the style of your office which in turn improves a prospective client’s view of your company. Your choice of art can also be a way of conveying the way that you want your company to be seen.


Develop your company’s social responsibility commitment

Your business’s social responsibility commitment has a large impact on its reputation as a whole. Planting trees and reducing your carbon footprint can be expensive commitments but fortunately, art is largely considered a sustainable investment so you can improve your sustainability while also allowing for the potential for returns on your spending. When buying art you are investing in the hopes and dreams of emerging artists and helping to build their careers which is a great reflection of your company’s ethos.


Build your business’s assets

Art has been shown to be an incredibly reliable asset class for individuals or businesses. Art is a safe hedge against inflation, a tangible asset and has outperformed the S&P 500 since 2000. All of these factors, plus many more, show why you should consider adding art to your business’s portfolio of assets. Find out more about the investment benefits that art provides here.

Experience tax benefits

There are potential tax benefits to buying art to furnish an office, such purchases can be considered to be business expenses and therefore can potentially be subject to VAT deductions.

De Pointe Opportunities

Employee Benefits

There have been numerous reports on the profound impact that art can have on its viewers and these benefits can be translated into improving the working environment of your employees.


Increase Mental Activity

There have been studies that show that viewing art for just 30 minutes can increase a person’s critical thinking ability which in turn improves their problem-solving and also boosts their creativity. All of these things are crucial when working so improving your employees’ mental activity with art will likely make your office more productive.


Reduce Stress

Neuroscientists have discovered that art has the potential to decrease cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in our brains. Stress has a profound impact on our ability to achieve even the most simple of tasks so has no place in a dynamic work environment. Buying art to display in your office could impact the stress levels experienced by your employees thus creating a more constructive workplace. This article has more in-depth information on the science behind this.


Increase Life Satisfaction

A study in Norway shows that subjects who visited a gallery to view art experienced a profound impact on their life satisfaction levels. Levels of depression and anxiety were reduced in the sample group in comparison to those who did not view art. In the modern workplace, there are higher levels of professional burnout and mental health has been lower than in the past. Incorporating art into your workspace could have the benefit of increasing employee satisfaction.


In conclusion, we have found that art is an invaluable asset to add to any business, whether for its investment value or the value it can provide to your employees and their productivity. Discover more and find out how you can access investment-grade art for your office or workplace, leave your contact details to arrange a free ten-minute discovery call.

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