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In the world of alternative investments, historical and celebrity-owned assets have consistently shown their value. From artwork and memorabilia to classic cars, these unique investments can yield significant returns, especially when their provenance is tied to notable figures. Today, we delve into an intriguing example involving Iain Dale, a prominent UK political commentator and broadcaster, and a car once owned by the beloved Princess Diana.


Iain Dale’s Brush with Royal History

Iain Dale, known for his insightful political commentary and long tenure at LBC, recently made headlines with his announcement to step down from his broadcasting role to run as a Conservative candidate in the upcoming UK general election. However, Dale’s connections to the world of alternative investments are lesser-known yet equally fascinating. One notable instance is his ownership of a car once driven by Princess Diana.


The Journey of Princess Diana’s Car

In 1994, Dale stumbled upon a stunning turquoise Audi Cabriolet on a garage forecourt in St John’s Wood. The car had only done 4,000 miles. Curious as to why someone would trade in a vehicle so quickly, Dale asked the salesman, who revealed that it had previously been owned by Princess Diana. Initially sceptical, Dale was convinced when shown the documentation and pictures of Princess Diana getting out of the car. Without hesitation, he decided to buy it.

When Dale was given a company car a year later, he decided to sell the ‘Diana’ car at auction, hoping for a significant profit. However, he sold it for £23,000 – the same amount he had paid for it. The true testament to the car’s value came after Princess Diana’s tragic death when the new owner sold it for an astounding £1 million.


The Allure of Historically Significant Assets

Celebrity-owned assets, like Princess Diana’s car, often command premium prices due to their unique backstories and connections to public figures. These items are more than mere objects; they are tangible pieces of history that offer investors a chance to own a slice of a narrative that has captivated the public imagination.

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Why Invest in Historical and Celebrity-Owned Assets?

1. Unique Provenance: An asset’s history and previous ownership can significantly enhance its value. Items connected to famous personalities or historical events often appreciate over time.

2. Emotional Appeal: Collectors and investors are often driven by the emotional stories behind these assets, which can lead to competitive bidding and higher returns.

3. Diversification: Including historical and celebrity-owned assets in a portfolio can provide diversification, reducing risk and potentially increasing overall returns.

4. Cultural Significance: Owning a culturally or historically significant item can offer non-financial rewards, such as prestige and the satisfaction of preserving a piece of history.


Investing with Insight

At De Pointe Research, we understand the complexities and opportunities within the realm of alternative investments. Whether it’s rare collectables, fine art, or celebrity-owned assets, our expertise helps investors navigate this unique market with confidence. The story of Iain Dale and Princess Diana’s car exemplifies the potential for significant returns within this niche, demonstrating how a keen eye for unique assets can yield impressive financial rewards.

As Iain Dale transitions from his role at LBC to a political career, his unexpected connection to Princess Diana’s car serves as a compelling case study for the power of historical and celebrity-owned assets in the alternative investment landscape. Investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and capitalise on unique opportunities should consider the emotional and financial benefits these assets can offer. At De Pointe Research, we are committed to guiding our clients through the intricacies of these investments, helping them uncover value in the stories behind the assets they acquire.

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