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As the political landscape shifts dramatically, Emmanuel Macron has announced that France will hold an election this year. This move aligns France with the UK and the USA, both of which are also gearing up for their own elections. This simultaneous wave of elections across three major economies has significant implications, particularly for UK investors. Let’s uncover the potential impacts and explore what the future might hold.


How International Elections Affect UK Investors

Political stability is a cornerstone of economic stability. Elections, by their nature, introduce an element of uncertainty that can ripple through financial markets. For UK investors, this year’s political landscape in France, the UK, and the USA presents both risks and opportunities. The outcomes of these elections could reshape policies that affect trade, taxation, and regulation, all of which are critical to investor decision-making.


Initial Polling Results

In France, initial polls indicate a tight race, with Macron’s party facing significant challenges from both the far-right and far-left candidates. The political climate is charged, and any shift in power could lead to substantial changes in economic policy.


The UK is witnessing a fierce contest, with the Labour Party showing a strong lead in the polls. This potential shift in power has been interpreted by many as a positive signal for the pound sterling, largely due to Labour’s promises of economic reforms aimed at stimulating growth.


Across the Atlantic, the USA is preparing for a highly contentious election. Early polling suggests a divided electorate, with key issues like healthcare, taxation, and foreign policy dominating the debates. Given the USA’s central role in the world economy, the outcome of this election will undoubtedly influence global markets.

Potential Impacts on Markets
Stock Markets

Stock markets thrive on stability. The uncertainty brought about by elections can lead to increased volatility. Investors might see fluctuations in stock prices as they react to polling results, campaign promises, and potential policy changes. Companies with significant international exposure might be particularly susceptible to these changes.


Currency Exchange

Currencies are highly sensitive to political events. The pound, euro, and dollar could all experience volatility as election outcomes become clearer. For instance, Bloomberg analysts have suggested that a Labour win in the UK might boost the pound due to expected economic reforms. Conversely, uncertainty in France and the USA could lead to a flight to safer currencies. Following Macron’s election announcement, the euro has already shown weakness against the pound, reflecting market concerns over political instability in France.


Property Market

The property market is another sector that can be significantly influenced by election outcomes.

Conservative Government: A Conservative win in the UK typically brings policies that favour property owners and investors. The focus often lies on maintaining or reducing property taxes, encouraging foreign investment, and promoting homeownership through schemes like Help to Buy. Such policies can lead to increased demand and rising property prices, making real estate a lucrative investment. However, the focus on homeownership might lead to less emphasis on rental property development, potentially tightening the rental market.

Labour Government: On the other hand, a Labour government is likely to implement policies aimed at increasing affordable housing and regulating the rental market. Proposed measures could include rent controls, increased taxation on buy-to-let properties, and higher capital gains taxes on property sales. While these policies aim to make housing more accessible, they might deter property investors, potentially leading to slower growth in property prices. Investors might need to be cautious about potential regulatory changes that could impact their returns.


Other Markets

Beyond stocks, currencies, and property, other markets, such as commodities and bonds, could also be impacted. Commodities might see price swings based on anticipated changes in trade policies, while bond markets might react to changes in interest rate expectations as new governments implement their economic strategies.

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For more information on how different markets are likely to react to the results of the UK election, read our blog, “The UK General Election: Anticipating a Labour Win and Its Impact on Investments.

Bloomberg Analysts on Labour Win

Bloomberg analysts are optimistic about a Labour win in the UK, seeing it as a potential positive for the pound. This optimism is based on Labour’s proposed economic policies, which include increased public spending and investment in infrastructure. Such measures are expected to stimulate economic growth and could lead to a stronger currency. However, investors should remain cautious and consider the broader economic implications.


Safer Bets Amidst Political Turmoil

In times of political uncertainty, it is crucial for investors to identify safer markets and assets. Traditionally, gold and other precious metals are considered safe havens during periods of instability. Additionally, government bonds from stable economies can provide a reliable return with lower risk. Diversifying investments across different asset classes and geographies can also mitigate risks.

The simultaneous elections in France, the UK, and the USA present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for investors. While the political landscape is fraught with uncertainty, informed and strategic investment decisions can help navigate these turbulent times. By closely monitoring polling results, understanding potential policy impacts, and diversifying their portfolios, investors can better position themselves to weather the political storms ahead.

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